Ideas for a Successful Bathroom Remodel

Ideas for a Successful Bathroom Remodel

If you are considering a bathroom remodel Chicago residents often require, the process may be slightly more complicated than you originally think. With minimal square footage in which to work, this space is frequently defined by its fixtures, plumbing, and layout. However, as it may be the room in your house most frequently used, it is crucial that your space be functional as well as comfortable. A bathroom renovation in Chicago may enhance the market value of your home. Check out our tips below to help you get started.

1. Plan meticulously
As with any home remodeling project, careful planning is necessary. In order to decide the most beneficial layout for your space, consider the way in which you will use your space as well as who will be using your space.  Determine the best layout for the space. For instance, although you might consider the installation of two sinks to be a good idea, perhaps you will discover that one sink and more counter space is better.

2. Prepare for the unexpected
If you have not updated your bathroom for many years, it is certainly possible that you may encounter mold or water damage.  These issues are not the end all be all, end all but they may indicate a larger issue or simply be an indicator that the time had come for a remodel.

3. Consider maintenance
In any bathroom remodeling in Chicago, it is crucial that whatever materials are utilized, they allow for easy cleaning.  Ensuring that soap scum, hard water, or any residue can be easily removed can mark a notable distinction for the enjoyment of your brand new bathroom.  Some smaller modifications, like replacing a traditional shower curtain with a frameless glass shower enclosure or selecting bigger tiles that call for fewer grout lines, can help to minimize bathroom maintenance.

4. Do not neglect lighting
A bathroom must be well-lit. Ensure your design for the bathroom refinishing Chicago residents prefer includes plenty of light fixtures in order to provide sufficient light for both the vanity and the shower area properly illuminated, through both conce-style and overhead lighting. The addition of toe kick lighting or motion sensor lights can be helpful for nighttime use. Keep privacy in mind if you are utilizing natural light. Install windows installed at a higher point on the wall or utilize frosted glass or utilize skylights.

5. Improve efficiency of water
For efficiency’s sake, you may want to consider the installation of water saving fixtures if you are already updating your fixtures. The shower is one of the best spots to implement this although you may also install toilets and faucets that will help to reduce water consumption.

6. Incorporate design elements that are universal
The incorporation of universal design elements into your layout is a wise idea if you are in your forever home and plan to stay. This design type will maintain a master bath both safe and functional as the years pass. Elements such as walk-in showers without a bottom raised lip, built in benches, and wider doorways are clever ways to incorporate universal design without sacrificing any of the aesthetic appeal.

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