Finish Your Basement with These 19 Renovation Ideas

Finish Your Basement with These 19 Renovation Ideas

If your home includes a finished basement it upgrades the value of your home being that many homebuyers are looking for this feature when home shopping. Check out these basement remodeling plans to inspire your creativity when considering this option for your home.

Go Double with Living Rooms
Anything is possible for your basement refinishing project, so why not implement two family rooms instead of just one? When you are considering hiring remodeling contractors for your job this provides an optimal opportunity to have more than one place to kick back and relax at home. Adding a living room to the basement gives you a space where you can chill with your family, have game nights, or just unwind. Building a nice basement living room is an appealing and operational way to upgrade your basement plan!

Turn a Basement Space into a Bedroom
Is one of your kids growing up fast and is no longer enjoying the experience of sharing a room with their siblings? Do you have guests come and stay at your home frequently? Adding a bedroom to your basement finishing project allows your friends and family to have a space they can feel at home in and give them the privacy they deserve while staying with you. If you have a smaller basement, making an alcove that has a bed built-in to it gives you a great spare sleeping room for company. It’s imperative that you don’t forget to leave room for your bathroom design in this case.

Make a Small Apartment
To build upon the last idea, if you are going to add the spare bedroom as part of your home remodeling process in your place why not go for the small apartment downtown and make it a suite. Add a kitchenette that has modern features to make it stand out, include a small living space with furniture, include a boundary for a bedroom and a bathroom to fit in here as well. One way to make some money from this renovation is to rent this space out or choose to make it into your college kids home dorm room so they can save money while earning their education.

Sweat It Out in a Home Gym
In the case that you’re looking to add a workout space to your residence, a basement gym is always a good idea for basement renovation. Create the sauna you dream of or implement multiple floor types to create an environment that gives you the natural motivation you need to treat it like your own. Add some wood floors for stretching and doing yoga exercises. The rubber mats that you see in most modern gyms are actually quite inexpensive, giving you a landing space for any weights you want to include.

Enjoy a Theater Experience at Home
A home theater is most homeowners’ dream space to curate during a home remodeling campaign. Because most basements don’t have windows, it gives you the dark space you need that gives you that realistic experience you seek. Raise your floor and put recliners inside or get some soft lights put into the ceiling that will dim such as a presentation room. A projector with a large screen gives you a theater-like atmosphere that will be convenient for family use and will impress your guests who visit. This option gives you endless opportunities for different designs.

Entertain Guests with a Wet Bar
Putting a bar in your basement is also a great idea for remodeling contractors who are experienced at installing them for clients. Open the space by adding cabinets and a built-in counter or even make your basement bar a large wrap around counter with bar stools just like the real thing. A built-in fridge has many advantages as well and don’t forget to include a place for snacks! A bar in your basement gives you a man cave that is unlike others and adds a space where you can entertain your guests the right way.

Show Off Your Wine Collection
If wine is your thing you can display your collection with basement renovation ideas such as a wine cellar. This space is a specialized room that allows your collection to cool safely by implementing a cooling system as well as insulation. A DIY wine cellar can be the perfect solution for wine connoisseurs world wide.

Let Your Kids Be Free in a Playroom
If you have kids it’s always nice to add an area where they can have fun in a safe environment. You can add things such as indoor slides to spruce up the design as well as different small houses or toy chests. If your kids often frequent your upstairs living space causing chaos, this is a good idea to add a small barrier between you and them at scheduled times.

Give Laundry a Designated Area
If you often have clothes that need to be washed or dried hanging around by the thousand it’s great to turn your basement into a space that is specialized for this purpose. Putting energy-efficient washers and dryers and durable floor options gives you a space where you can do your dirty work in a dedicated room. Basement refinishing contractors can add shelves and cabinets to include storage areas for your items as well as your detergents. There are many options when considering this idea.

Customize Your Staircase
Your finished basement is not complete without having a cool idea for your staircase that leads down to it. This is often the very first thing your guests will lay their eyes one when coming inside so adding ideas like suspended steps, light-up steps, or glass side panels will give you an appealing alternative to just a regular staircase. There is also the option of adding different carpet or tile patterns to give you space an aesthetic touch. If you are into new and exciting staircase designs, take a look at the ones under stairs ideas!

Get Creative with Flooring
Flooring should be one of the first things you think about when considering a basement remodeling job. Insert wall to wall carpet and turn your basement into a plush living space or go with a modern look and do ceramic tile with distinct area rugs. Be free to mix and match any of these different styles as you see fit for your basement finishing project. Another option you should consider that will give you the appearance of a hardwood floor for half the price is vinyl plank.

Explore Different Wall Textures
Basement walls provide an opportune time to experiment with different textures such as mixed wood which would give your basement renovation the appearance of a cabin. A few other options to think about are charcoal stones, brick and tile because they are all great alternatives that give you flexibility when exploring new creative ideas. However in the event that you just want to keep things simple adding a neutral paint color with vibrant crown molding is always a good choice.

Drop Ceilings Are Key
Although a lot of homeowners like the appeal of metal beams being exposed throughout their basement for basement finishing purposes, drop ceilings are a new popular option. One great aspect of drop ceilings is that it has great insulation properties that keep the room temperature at an optimal level after your home remodeling but they are also simple to administer and work for soundproofing your space as well. If you were to go with options like the home theater that we discussed previously, drop ceilings provide that added benefit.

Include Good Lighting
A cheap, easy but amazing way to upgrade your space is by adding a simple lighting solution. Remodeling contractors suggest a few different types here are bright pendants, track lighting, chandeliers, and neon signs that can coincide with the theme that you choose for your project. Adding smart light bulbs are great if you have recessed lighting fixtures and they also give you the ability to control the brightness from your smart device.

Dress Up Basement Windows
A commonly overlooked detail for your basement refinishing project is adding small emergency windows. A couple options to pick from to activate this style when considering emergency windows are creating deep sills, making a dark wood trim, and changing old latch closure out with gold or matte finishes to make them pop out more.

Use Glass to Open Walkout Basements
If you think incorporating your outdoor view with your basement is a good idea for your home design, putting wall-to-wall sliding doors, large glass windows, or even a garage door can be a creative way to do so. This has the ability to open up your space and give it a nuisance vibe making this one of the most creative ways to redesign your basement space.

Knowing all of the options that are available to you is a great starting point to come up with your dream basement renovation project idea. With that being said, never forget to add a layer of protection to your new space by incorporating waterproofing into the design. Doing so gives you peace of mind going forward and lets you and your family enjoy your hard work without having to worry about adverse effects that can be caused due to weather conditions.