Your Guide To Heated Bathroom Floors

Your Guide To Heated Bathroom Floors

How exactly do heated bathroom floors work?
We have compiled some information below, including the advantages of having heated bathrooms floors installed. Like most people, the best part of the day is coming home after a long day at work and simply relaxing. For many people the first thing they do when arriving at home is to discard their work clothes, enjoy a relaxing bath and change into comfortable clothing. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could add another little luxury to your after-work routine? Heated bathroom flooring will assist you with the end-of-day unwinding process, in a warm and comfortable environment.

Heated Bathroom floors – How does it work?
The floor heating is created by electric resistance and convection, therefore it’s a type of radiant heating. Warm water circulates, after being pumped through the heating circuit. Tile, concrete, and other floor materials generally have a high heat capacity, which allows the flooring to be heated quickly by the warm water circulation below. You will feel the warmth instantaneously when you step on to the floor.

Heated Bathroom Floor Benefits:

Energy Efficiency
Compared to forced-air systems, radiant heating (like heated flooring) is a more energy efficient solution. This is a great benefit, but another notable benefit is that it operates much quieter compared to other heating systems.

Allergens Reducing
Another benefit of heated floors is that it reduces the amount of dust in the air. Unlike air circulated heating, there is no airflow that can stir up dust.

Enjoying a Luxury Lifestyle
It is a wonderfully luxurious sensation to step onto a warmed floor when stepping out of a bath or shower. A heated floor is a unique detail which offers a touch of luxury to your home. As the floor’s heat gently rises, your entire bathroom is kept comfortably warm.

A Better Bathroom Heating Solution
Heated floors are ideal in bathrooms, as no air ventilation system is required to circulate the warmed air throughout the room. Heated floors are great for avoiding drafts and offer a lovely alternative to the typical hardwood or tile flooring options.

Increased Relaxation
Heated floors increase the comfortability of your home while you go about your daily routine. The floors are easy to clean, allow you to regulate the temperature and have the added benefit of adding a touch of style to any space. Heated flooring provides added luxury and enjoyment to your personal space.
There are so many advantages to heated floors, it can easily be on top of your home improvement or bathroom remodeling list.

The Value of a Heated Bathroom Floor
What exactly is the value of a heated bathroom floor? It certainly is a better option to stand on a heated floor compared to an ice-cold tile floor. The luxury aspect is another important consideration. Additionally, it aids the control of your body temperature in an eco-friendly way, during the chilly winter months! Investing in heated flooring is well worth the cost and time, if your bathroom space allows for it. Consider installing heated floors during your next bathroom remodeling.

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