Tips for a Basement Renovation

Take Care of Water Issues in the Basement First
Regardless of whether you have dampness, infrequent water problems, or a full-blown flood in your basement, it is important to fix any water issues entirely before initiating any basement remodeling in Chicago. Basement finishing in Chicago is only as good as the planning behind it and the quality of work that goes into it. It can take some time to implement the right permanent solutions to ensure a basement that is secure from water leakage. It is best to begin with a local home inspector who specializes in basement and foundation waterproofing systems.

Think About How You Want to Use Your Basement
Plan your basement use based on your lifestyle, needs, and your basement characteristics that provide natural advantages. Many basements often have a lack of natural light, offering an excellent opportunity for a basement renovation in Chicago that includes a home theater. Basements usually have easy access to utilities like water lines and heating and cooling ducts, making the addition of a bathroom or steam room easier to construct than anywhere else in the home. As the leader of home remodeling companies in Chicago, we can help you plan your basement finishing to achieve anything you want in the space.

Assistance for Your Basement Renovation Design
Your basement as it is may not be exciting to look at, but with a little planning, your basement remodeling in Chicago can end up becoming a quality designed and built living space in your home. Our professional basement remodeling contractors in Chicago are ready to help you plan and create a perfect basement designed to fit your home and your lifestyle, for a space that is beautiful, comfortable, and completely functional to your specifications.

Consider Your Basement Air Circulation
When your home was initially constructed, it was unlikely that enough or any vents were installed in the basement. When it’s time for your basement remodeling in Chicago, it’s important to think about proper air circulation, adding registers where necessary. You may need a return air duct included, but it is critical that it is located away from the furnace so that it does not suck any dangerous furnace exhaust fumes back into the home. To be safe, our basement remodeling contractors in Chicago can install a carbon monoxide detector in your basement as an early warning sign for any issues with the furnace venting or other major home appliances.

Utilize the Natural Light in Your Basement
You may choose to add extra lighting in your basement for several reasons. When a basement renovation in Chicago extends above ground level, you can include new windows in your plans or enlarge your existing windows to address your natural light issues. You may also be able to add window wells for additional light. This option may raise the odds of water issues, but that can be handled with waterproof covers. By having our basement remodeling contractors in Chicago enlarge your windows, you can have alternative escape routes in the event of a fire. A common concern that some homeowners have about enlarged basement windows is a greater opportunity for a break-in.