Where Does Bathroom Remodel Planning Begin? 
The process begins with the design phase where you inform the contractors of your desired output. They have the expertise to assist you with the different aspects of bathroom remodeling, so you can be sure you are in good hands. Planning may include deciding on the furniture, tiles, counters, accessories, and other essentials to be incorporated in the whole remodel design. Feel free to get in touch with our bathroom remodeling contractors regarding your queries.

What Tiles Are Available For My Bathroom Remodel?
In modern bathrooms, there are three major types of tiles you can choose from namely porcelain, ceramic, and stone. Stone tiles are great for a natural finish. They require regular sealing to maintain their great look. On the other hand, homeowners who want stunning, durable, and low maintenance bathroom tiles often choose porcelain material. They come in a wide range of designs so you can choose the best one that fits your entire remodel design plan. When it comes to traditional bathrooms, ceramic tiles make a popular choice. They are also suitable for modern bathrooms that look beautiful with a more unique finish.

Do I Need To Consider Lighting For The Bathroom Remodel?
Lighting plays a huge role with regards to the beauty of your bathroom, as well as your safety. If you have poor lighting before the remodel work, you might want to consider adding accent lights or replacing the whole lighting fixture in your bathroom so you can shower, groom, and do your business comfortably and safely. You may opt for vanity lighting for your counter and additional accent lights in the shower area.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Bathroom Remodel?
The duration of the project depends on the details of the design and the availability of the materials. Aside from removing the bathtub, upgrading the shower area, and replacing the counter, toilet, flooring, or vanity, other types of extensive work may result in a longer timeline of the project. This may also require enlarging the entire bathroom space to make room for the necessary additions.

What Are Your Bathroom Remodeling Expertise?
As one of the trusted bathroom remodeling companies in the area, we excel in different bathroom remodel projects. We can take care of any room including your powder room, master bathroom, spa baths, guest baths, shower areas, and more. Our years of experience has allowed us to successfully perform numerous bathroom remodel, bathroom renovation, and bathroom refinishing in the local area. We will take care of the design, material selection and purchase, installation, and clean up.

What Areas Do You Serve?
We provide bathroom remodeling work in Chicago, Chicago Palmer Square and Chicago Streeterville areas including Buffalo Grove, Des Plaines, Evanston We also perform various basement work including basement remodeling, basement finishing, basement refinishing, basement renovation, and basement finishing. Consult us today.