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When it comes to great bathroom and basement remodeling companies in Chicago, American Contractors & Associates is the solution you’re looking for. With incredible skill, Top-quality materials, and a work ethic that is second to none, we can make your bathroom renovation and basement renovation in Chicago a thing of beauty.

Each and every member of our Chicago remodeling team are seasoned with years of experience in the field. We know that our clients want only the best, that is why we only provide the best people, best service and best materials. Our company trained our remodeling contractors to work closely with our clients to make sure that even the tiniest details are hammered out the way the customer wants it to be. Both your bathroom and basement are under competent hands and supervision.

Depending on our client’s preference, we can turn your bathroom into a magazine worthy one with updated and modern fixtures or remodel your existing one to look and feel modern. In addition to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, our company also offers basement remodeling. We can help our clients in their basement renovations to meet their needs.

Our company understands the importance of getting to know our clients and figuring out the personality of our customers in order to provide us with possible refurnishing, renovation and remodeling ideas to present them. Give us a call and let us help you start upgrading your kitchen, bathroom and basement in Chicago.

Experienced bathroom remodeling company in Chicago!
Let us make your home beautiful today in Chiacgo!

For any home remodeling in Chicago, American Contractors & Associates is here. Take your bathroom, kitchen, basement and any areas in your house to the next level. Refinish your kitchen, renovate your bathroom, remodel your basement and upgrade any areas in your house the way you want it with the help of our Chicago contractors.

Bathroom Remodeling

Completely change the look of your bathroom by taking advantage of our bathroom remodeling offer. Our Chicago team will build you a new, modern looking bathroom from the ground up.

Bathroom Renovation

Choose this service if your bathroom needs some upgrade but don’t want to completely start from scratch. Our contractors will assess your space and provide you with possible solutions and ideas for your bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Refinishing

Upgrade your bathrooms appeal without too much fuss with this service. Talk to our friendly and competent contractors about which parts of your bathroom can be refinished. You’ll be surprised on how small changes can bring your bathroom to life.


Basement Remodeling

Welcome our Chicago team in your home and talk to them about how you want your perfect basement to look like. Your basement remodeling will not only add space to your home but will also add value to it.

Basement Refinishing

If you already have an existing basement layout in place, talk to our contractors about upgrading it via basement refinishing. We guarantee that our Chicago team will deliver a satisfactory service. Your basement will be looking like a new space in no time.

Basement Renovation

Start talking to our contractors if you plan to change your basement’s layout. Turn it into a spare bedroom or maybe an entertainment area for you, your family and friends to enjoy during movie nights.


Give our Chicago contractors a call if you are planning and home remodeling. We’ll happily assist you and provide you with helpful inputs and ideas. No project is too big or too simple for our contractors. We can help you create a new home out of the current one you have.



Upgrade your kitchen into a modern looking one. Talk to our team of contractors on how you want your kitchen to look like and what features you want in your kitchen. Our team will do their best to provide you with the best design for your new kitchen.

What our clients say

I wanted to sell my house, but it seems that its old bathrooms make it undesirable. So, I asked these bathroom remodeling contractors for affordable, but high-quality bathroom remodeling and the result exceeds my expectations. Last month, a couple bought the house, and they commend the new bathrooms so much.

Alice Peterson

I considered having a basement renovation when we needed an extra space where everyone in the family can relax and get together. My husband and I heard about these basement remodeling contractors, so we asked them right away. Unlike what we expected, their estimate was for free. Now, we are enjoying a cozy basement that is remodeled in a very affordable price.

Irene Ross

These bathroom remodeling contractors did an awesome job in my bathroom. Their bathroom remodeling skills helped a lot in adding a new level of beauty and functionality to my once cluttered space. I can’t help but recommend them to my neighbors.

Allan Morris

Choosing Perfect Bathroom Remodeling Contractors- From Bathroom To Basement Refinishing ACA Remodeling Company Chicago Palmer Square

One of the smallest parts of your home is the bathroom, but it can still make a huge impression. In order to get the highest appraisal value for your home, you can have a bathroom renovation done in Chicago Palmer Square. Our professional bathroom remodeling contractors can take something old and turn it into something new.

Aside from outstanding bathroom remodeling and bathroom refinishing in Chicago Palmer Square, we also provide exceptional basement remodeling. We provide cost-efficient and innovative basement refinishing techniques that will perform wonders to provide you the additional space that you need in your home. Our professional contractors will be with every step of the way so that you can get the design that you want.

We make sure to work at the highest quality and provide clear communication with our clients and form a unified relationship with our team as well as trade partners. This way, we can exceed your expectations every time. If you need an update on your home, we are the ones that you can rely on for your basement renovation and bathroom remodel in Chicago Palm Square.