Eco-friendly Bathroom Remodeling & Bathroom Refinishing in Chicago

Most people want to make our planet a better place for all our families. Making a difference can start right in your own home with your next bathroom refinishing in Chicago. Bathroom remodeling presents a wonderful opportunity to go green.

You may be planning to change old fixtures or perhaps open or move walls. This is the perfect time to consider environmentally friendly options like replacing vinyl flooring with natural linoleum, adding a water-saving toilet and showerhead, as well as using low or no-VOC paint. And that makes for a great start.

In the bathroom, water conservation is an incredibly important factor when making eco-friendly choices. Today’s low-flow toilets are very much improved over older models. They reduce the need for double flushing. Aerator-equipped faucets are also a nice option. In tandem, these simple changes can save thousands of gallons of water each year.

On average, 40% of a home’s energy consumption comes from artificial lighting. A bathroom without any windows can only magnify this consumption. Installing skylights or sun tunnels when going through your bathroom renovation in Chicago can reduce the need for lights every time the bathroom is used.

Installing a skylight or solar tube has more than one benefit. Your utility bill can be reduced dramatically and it creates a more usable environment for hands-on tasks, including shaving or makeup application. As well, certain skylights can be opened to provide additional airflow, which is an important feature in a bathroom for lowering the humidity level.

With an eco-friendly bathroom remodeling in Chicago, the entire planet can be grateful for every shower, flush, or primp.