Summer Color Trends for Bathrooms

Summer Color Trends for Bathrooms

The trend forecasters for 2022 have spoken. According to experts it is essentially about feeling serene, calm and beautiful. Interior color designs are dominated by earthy tones and bright pops of color.

Your bathroom is your private oasis where tension and worries should just melt away. This concept is wonderfully reflected in the most recent bathroom color trends. If you are planning a bathroom renovation, use the opportunity to create your own tranquil and sophisticated retreat that you’ll relish spending time in.
Become inspired by this summer’s bathroom colors for your upcoming bathroom renovation. We have compiled a list of colors you can use to create your dream bathroom. Make your bathroom look like an interior designer’s show piece!

Sunny Yellow
Bright sunny yellow is the hue that summons images of a happy summer. If you want to bring endless summer into your home, this cheerful color is perfect. Warm, rich shades of yellow are currently in style.
This pretty color can be used as a primary decorating color or use it as an accent color within your bathroom renovation design. Some ideas to look at are yellow penny tiles, or yellow subway tiles that can be used on the floor or in the shower. Perhaps combine yellow with a fresh white or deep gray to create a tranquil and serene setting.

Beach Teal
Bring the ocean into your home by using a shade of teal that reflects the seaside. You’ll feel like you are stepping into the waves of the Caribbean every time you make use of your bathroom. Teal invites relaxation yet is bold enough to make a statement.
To create just the right effect when using this shade, install glossy teal tiles in your shower or use them as a feature wall. Combine teal with gold, as they complement each other well. Make use of gold finishes on hardware, for instance faucets, showerheads and use gold or brass knobs.

Sage Green
Sage green is a color on the rise and is expected to grow in popularity. Designers and homeowners alike are including this natural shade more often in bigger and more daring ways. Use your bathroom remodeling project as a chance to experiment with some new colors, like sage.
Sage looks great on walls, as it makes a statement without overwhelming the room. You can either paint sage on the walls or make use of sage green tiles. Sage works well as a vanity color. Experiment by repainting your cabinets in a soft sage shade. Sage pairs well with other colors inspired by nature, like natural wood, tans and browns.

Soft Blue
Designers will tell you that blue is classified as a neutral color. It comes as no surprise then that soft blue is a popular color for a summer palette. You can use soft blue to create a stylish and contemporary design.
When it comes to choosing the right shade of blue, let yourself be inspired by a summer cloudless sky. You can offset the neutrality of blue by adding some interesting shapes and designs. For instance, go with interestingly shaped tiles, like hexagons, scallops or tiles with a geometric print. You could also add some movement and texture by laying traditional subway tiles in a herringbone pattern. Make sure to plan your bathroom remodeling to allow for any changes in design you wish to make. ACA Remodeling Company can assist you with your planning and design.

Warm Off-White
White bathrooms have always been a popular choice throughout the years. It remains stylish, yet trendy and looks clean. It can be seen by some as a bit cold or sterile, therefore it’s not everyone’s first choice. It is also not conducive to creating a relaxing atmosphere.
Rather go with a warmer, off-white palette if you love the clean and unassuming look of white. The off-white is just a bit more inviting and feels cozier. Combine this hue with accents of natural wood.

Earthy Tones
Earthy tones are a great way to invite the serenity of nature into your personal space. Earthy color tones include tans, browns and grays and create a lovely subtle effect. To give the room a modern twist, make use of natural materials like stone flooring or tiles. Add some color without deviating from the color scheme, by adding some nature-inspired décor, like plants. Make your bathroom remodeling project into something to behold!

Lush Lilac
I’ll bet you have been seeing lush lilacs all over lately. Since Pantone announced this to be its Color of the Year for 2022, it has garnered much popularity. It is said that this hue is synonymous with creativity, therefore this is your chance to get out of your comfort zone with your bathroom refinishing project.
Start with lilac tiles, this will look excellent on the floor or around the tub. For a unique and chic finish, pair lilac with gray grained white marble.

Forest Green
Designers particularly love using the deep rich hues of forest green. This color can be used for a bolder approach, and completely transforms the space to make it appear luxurious and timeless.
Emphasize the luxury aspect by adding gold trim and accents. Pairing deep forest green with bright white and glossy black also looks fantastic.

Burnt Orange
You may perceive orange as being a difficult color to work with, due to its boldness. In fact, many homeowners avoid this shade altogether. However, if you enjoy bright striking colors, you really need to include some orange.
Deep orange shades like burnt orange, ochre and pumpkin have been popular for some time now. You could create an intriguing floor, by including orange geometric tiles. Use an orange shade of mosaic bathroom tiles to create a focal wall. Avoid using black as a complementary color and rather go with white, blue or yellow.

Blush Pink
People have been falling in love with pink all over again. Pink represents fun and youth but can be styled to create a very chic design. Make use of a soft, blush shades of pink.
Pink looks good anywhere in a bathroom. Do not be hesitant to use it on cabinets, paint, or tiles. White marble, natural wood and gold accents all complement pink beautifully.

Bathroom Summer Colors for a Calm and Inviting Space
Thumbing through the glossy pages of a home design magazine makes us sometimes wonder why our bathroom never looks quite as good as those in the magazines. Don’t worry, there is no need to hire a professional designer, just use the expert advice and tips given during the planning stage of your bathroom renovation.
Making use of the color scheme recommended by designers is a terrific starting point for creating your own dream bathroom.
Make sure to use reputable bathroom remodeling contractors, like ACA Remodeling Company, to ensure professional fitment and finishes for your exciting new bathroom!