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If you are looking for an incredible bathroom remodel in Des Plaines, American Contractors & Associates is the one for you. We have skilled and experienced bathroom remodeling contractors. With our years of experience handling several bathroom remodeling and renovation projects, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands. We only use top-quality materials because it is the foundation of a beautiful and long-lasting bathroom. If you have a preferred design or theme, let us know, and we will work on it. If you need help in designing or choosing materials for your bathroom, our experts can help you.
Our bathroom remodeling contractors are meticulous into details, and we make sure that each of our work will give comfort and satisfy the needs of the family. Every project that we handle is important to us; that is why we provide excellent customer service to each of our clients and try to exceed their expectations.
American Contractors & Associates also do basement remodeling. Whether you want to turn your basement to a family room, additional bedroom, storage, craft room, office, or playroom, our basement remodeling contractors know how to get most of your basement. No need to hire different contractors for your home project, our company will give you the best quality of remodeling in Des Plaines. Do not hesitate to call us to get your project started.

We are professional home renovation company in Des Plaines for all your remodeling needs!

We have been in the remodeling industry for a long time, that is why our contractors are experts in handling diverse remodeling projects. We know which method or approach will work or not and the right materials that are suited to every need and home. Whether you need a bathroom, kitchen, basement, and other remodeling projects, American Contractors & Associates is your one-stop for all of the renovation needs.

Bathroom Remodeling

If you need to upgrade your current bathroom, our bathroom renovation in Des Plaines will provide you an upgrade that will make your bathroom more beautiful, comfortable and will fit your needs.

Bathroom Renovation

If you need to upgrade your current bathroom, our bathroom renovation in Des Plaines will provide you an upgrade that will make your bathroom more beautiful, comfortable and will fit your needs.

Bathroom Refinishing

Bring new life in your bathroom by adding new features that will enhance the look and function of your current bathroom. To make it more luxurious, make sure you hire the help of our bathroom refinishing contractor in Des Plaines to avoid the hassle of redoing the job.


Basement Remodeling

When the remodeling process is handled with care, homeowners will surely get a beautiful basement remodeling. Our basement remodeling in Des Plaines will surely add value to your home by providing beautiful renovation that will maximize your living space.

Basement Refinishing

Comfort is one of the things you need to consider in refinishing your basement. Our basement refinishing is Des Plaines will give you more living space without it costing as much as a home addition or as much as buying a new house.

Basement Renovation

To make your basement more beautiful and livable, our basement renovation in Des Plaines will transform it for a short period. Just tell us what you need and the things that you need to add to enjoy its full function.


Remodeling your home is a significant investment. Make sure that you only hire professionals with experienced and skilled workers. Our home remodeling company in Des Plaines will transform your home into a more appealing and will increase the comfort of your home.



Upgrading the heart of your home is the chance to increase its value and increase the energy efficiency of it. Our kitchen remodeling team in Des Plaines are experts in remodeling different kitchen designs, modernizing, and transforming your home without having to spend a fortune and on time.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Home Renovation – From Bathroom Remodeling to Basement Remodeling Contractors Des Plaines

As with any bathroom remodeling project, planning is important to stay within your budget. Achieving your dream design may mean incurring costs bigger than your allowance which tends to be common if you fail to get a true understanding of pricing. Thus, you should be able to gauge the costs of materials and labor so you can also know what result to expect from your bathroom remodel in Des Plaines.

Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Des Plaines will give you a hand in estimating the total costs of the project you have in mind. It is also recommended for you to prioritize or list the items in order of most use to you. This will ensure that the products you use more frequently consequently get a bigger portion of your budget, while other things that are not immediately necessary can be bought or changed later on. The same is true for other home remodeling projects like basement finishing or basement remodeling.

Our remodeling contractors are professionals who can do the arduous tasks needed to make your home look like how you want it to. You might be tempted to do these on your own but these processes are not as easy as how home improvement shows make them out to be. Hiring home remodeling companies in Des Plaines will make things simple for you. That’s what we are here for.

Choosing Perfect Bathroom Remodeling Contractors- From Bathroom To Basement Refinishing ACA Remodeling Company Des Plaines

As we all know, the bathroom is the smallest room in your home. With that said, it can still make a significant impression on your home. Getting your bathroom renovation in Des Plaines done means a higher appraisal value for your home. We can provide you with classic materials for a high-tech shower system. Our bathroom remodeling contractors can get creative with storage and functionality so that you can use the space more efficiently. Our company can turn your ideas into reality!

Aside from outstanding bathroom renovations, our team also provides bathroom refinishing and exceptional basement renovation in Des Plaines. Our cost-efficient and innovative basement finishing techniques will perform wonders to provide you with additional space. Our contractors will work closely with you to determine the design and will meld the best ideas for your area and convert your basement into something that is beautiful and luxurious.

We ensure to provide the highest quality of work at an affordable price. Our team will provide you with clear communications and a unified relationship with our team and trade partners to create a space that will exceed your expectations. We have a keen eye to details to provide the best bathroom remodeling and basement renovation in Des Plaines. Give us a call today to get your dream bathroom and basement!


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