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Bathroom remodeling is a significant investment. We believe that every homeowner deserves a reliable bathroom and kitchen remodel nearby Evanston company who has incredible skills, top-quality materials, and a work ethic that is second to none. That is why American Contractors & Associates work hard to provide you a quality bathroom remodel nearby Evanston located that will increase the value of your home and give you the ultimate comfort that you deserve.
If you need help in designing or which materials are best for your bathroom, our bathroom remodeling nearby Evanston contractors can help you. With our years of experience handling different bathroom designs and sizes, we gathered a wide range of knowledge in designing and using various bathroom materials, from classic to modern. We focus on every project that we handle and give attention even to the tiniest details to provide you with a bathroom that will suit your tastes and lifestyle.
Our goal is to make our customers happy by providing beautiful and functional bathrooms to every homeowner in Evanston and other cities that we handle. Aside from our bathroom remodeling nearby Evanston service, we also provide excellent bathroom refinishing, and renovation services. Your basement can serve you a lot of purposes. It is an extension of your home wherein you can renovate to fit your lifestyle and add value and comfort to your home. If you want to add a basement or you want to remodel, will help you maximize the value of your basement. Do not hesitate to call American Contractors & Associates for more information about your remodeling needs.

We are professional bathroom remodeling nearby Evanston contractors for all your remodeling needs!

Nothing beats a company with a lot of experience and knowledge in handling various bathroom remodeling near Evanston located. With our expertise, you can rest assured that the experts and professionals handle your bathroom, kitchen, basement, and all other types of renovation that you need.


Bathroom remodeling nearby Evanston service is a significant investment. That is why it is necessary to trust only the professionals. American Contractors & Associates works hard to provide brand new and unique masterpiece to every homeowner.


You don’t have to change everything to achieve a beautiful and fresh looking bathroom. Our bathroom remodel near Evanston service will upgrade your current bathroom to fit your style and needs ideally.


Do you want to achieve a luxurious bath? Our bathroom remodel nearby Evanston company will rework your bathroom with modern features to give a new life and a nice change to your bathroom.



With so many ideas from the internet and other sources, our basement remodeling Evanston company is experienced. It is ready to build you a perfect basement that will match your style and needs.


Our basement finishing Evanston company can match your basement to the upstairs design of your home to make it an incredible living space for a short time.


Our remodeling contractors Evanston team is committed to providing the best basement remodeling Evanston services. In just a couple of weeks, you can enjoy a highly efficient and beautiful basement all at an affordable price.


Whether you need a major remodeling or a little change, with the right touches and exceptional expertise, our home remodeling Evanston contractors are prepared to work with you to provide beautiful designs and work that you will surely love.



Organized and make your kitchen more beautiful with the help of our kitchen remodeling contractors Evanston located. Tell us your preferred design or style, and our experts will upgrade it into a modern-looking one or classic design using the highest quality materials to ensure the quality of the heart of your home.


Bathroom Remodeling Nearby Evanston that Provide High-Caliber Workmanship for the Best in Customer Satisfaction

We provide expert finishing and bathroom remodeling near Evanston residents recommend that focuses on all the details, even the tiniest ones, here at American Contractors & Associates, LLC (Remodeling). Through clear and concise communications, remaining within our previously established time frames and budget, comprehensive and accurate quotes, and consistently keeping you advised regarding our progress, we develop trust and confidence with every single customer. You can be certain that our finishing experts and our bathroom remodeling near me Evanston contractors will make sure that your experience is no less than excellent. During the life of each project, we adhere to and enhance our reputation for providing friendly service that is completely professional.

Eco-friendly Bathroom Refinishing & Bathroom Remodeling Near Me Evanston Services

In current times, a large number of people are concerned with improving our planet in the name of the futures of all our families. The difference can be made within your home during the process of your next bathroom remodel nearby Evanston project. You have an excellent opportunity to go green when you decide upon bathroom remodeling near Evanston services.
Maybe you are planning to open or move some walls or switch out a number of your old fixtures. This is an ideal time to take advantage of considering environmentally friendly options like including a water-saving showerhead or toilet, utilizing low or no-VOC paint, or replacing vinyl flooring with natural linoleum. Every one of these options is a great starting point.
One incredibly important element, as far as making eco-friendly choices in your bathroom, is water conservation. Today’s low-flow toilets have improved considerably over previous models. They diminish, and possibly even eliminate, the need for a double flushing. Another recommended green option is faucets that are aerator-equipped. When used together, these basic changes are capable of saving thousands of gallons of water each year.

Artificial lights are the source of 40% of an average home’s energy consumption. A bathroom without windows can potentially increase this consumption level that was high to begin with. Installing sun tunnels or skylights during your bathroom remodel near  Evanston project may substantially lessen the need to turn on lights every single time the bathroom is used.
The installation of a solar tube or skylight has numerous advantages. It may considerably reduce your utility bill while creating a more user friendly environment for specific tasks, like makeup application or shaving at the same time. Also, certain skylights can even be opened for additional airflow, which is crucial for being able to lower the humidity level in your bathroom.
The whole planet will be thankful for each shower, primp, or flush when you decide on an eco-friendly bathroom remodel nearby Evanston located.

Tips Before your Renovations – From Bathroom Remodeling Near Me Evanston Contractors

Any bathroom remodeling Evanston project from basement to bathroom remodeling requires keeping track of your budget. This ensures that you have an accurate picture of what you can achieve with the finances you have. In bathroom finishing, for example, you might have this dream design in mind, but, it might be way out of your budget. This is why you should estimate well the costs of the materials and labor you will need.
Our remodeling contractors (including our bathroom remodeling nearby Evanston contractors at that) are professionals who know how to help you come up with a realistic budget plan. A tip is to first identify which items you will use the most as these products should get the bulk of your budget. This is especially helpful if you are on a tight budget and you have a few other items you can buy later on after, let’s say, your bathroom remodel.
While it is tempting to attempt doing it on your own, especially after you’ve seen those home improvement shows, it is truly not an easy task and hiring home remodeling companies is still the better choice. Our bathroom remodeling Evanston team will take care of the project as if it were theirs, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Our Bathroom Refinishing & Bathroom Remodeling Evanston Services Quality Bathroom Remodel Experience

As one of the top bathroom remodeling Evanston companies has to offer, we have both the experience and the expertise necessary to handle bathroom refinishing and bathroom renovation. From guest baths, showers, spa baths, and powder rooms to master bathrooms, you can trust our bathroom remodeling contractors Evanston located to deliver the finest and most hassle-free process of design, materials, and installation. Through our work, we strive to achieve your complete satisfaction. Our home remodeling contractors are licensed, bonded, and provide full service, where sometimes other home remodeling Evanston companies are not and do not. Our home remodeling contractors’ skill and knowledge in bathroom remodeling allow our team to provide creative and unique suggestions and ideas. We are committed to providing a specific and precise proposal rate for our clients based on design preference and material preferences. In order to guarantee your satisfaction with our top-quality products, we will keep you informed as well.

Choosing Perfect Bathroom Remodeling Near Me Evanston Contractors- From Basement To Bathroom Remodeling ACA Remodeling Company Evanston

The bathroom may be the smallest in your home, but it can still make a great impression. Getting a bathroom remodeling near Evanston service can mean a higher appraisal value for your home. Our professional bathroom remodeling nearby Evanston contractors can get creative with storage and functionality, from classic materials to a high-tech shower system. We can turn your ideas into reality, just let us know what you want.
Aside from bathroom remodel near Evanston service, we also provide outstanding renovation service. We provide the highest quality of work at an affordable price that will not burn a hole in your wallet. Our cost-efficient and innovative finishing techniques will perform wonders to provide you additional space. We will work with you every step of the way so that you will get the basement of your dreams.
We only use the highest quality of materials and apply clear communication with our clients so that we can exceed your expectations. Any updates that we may have for your bathroom renovation or finishing will be well communicated with you. For you to get the personal space that reflects your unique preference, needs, and budget, we are the ones that you can rely on and trust!

How to Select The Right Bathroom Type? Select The Right Bathroom Type
Why Should You Renovate Your Bathroom?

How to Select The Right Bathroom Type? Select The Right Bathroom Type ACA Bathroom Refinishing & Bathroom Remodeling Near Me Evanston

All homes have distinct types of bathrooms that differ in size, layout, and shape. You are not likely to modify the type of bathroom you have when undergoing a bathroom remodel nearby Evanston project. But, it is a good idea to investigate all of your possible options before making any decision. Our professional bathroom remodeling near Evanston contractors will assist you in considering and picturing any possibilities that you may not have considered. For instance, if you steal a bit of space from a bedroom or walk-in closet, a mini half bath can be changed into a sophisticated master ensuite.

Standard Bathroom
A full bath or standard bathroom generally contains a toilet, sink, shower, bath, or both. Many older homes were designed with just one full bathroom that was meant to be shared by the entire family. A master bathroom has a similar set up but is commonly exclusively accessed from the master bedroom. If you choose to add a master suite onto your home or take on a bathroom remodel near me Evanston project, several clients go with a more spa-like or sophisticated vibe. Think about a separate steam shower, skylights, or a soaking tub. Properly designed master suites can provide a tranquil getaway after a difficult day. Our bathroom remodel near  Evanston company will ensure that your bathroom end product is one you truly love as there is nothing you deserve more in this hard-working life. In most circumstances, a master suite can be added to a home if one is not already in existence. During this process, our bathroom remodeling nearby Evanston contractors can create a space that allows more time for family use in standard baths and eliminate extended wait times for morning and evening showers.

Half bath
A half bath, also known as a powder room, is a small space that contains only a toilet and a sink. If your home is a bit older and contains only one full bath, the addition of a half bath to your home may significantly improve your life altogether. Guests who have been invited into your home for dinner will no longer have to invade your personal space. Instead, they can use your powder room instead. This helps to alleviate some of the pressure from your main bath, especially in the morning when everyone is trying to get ready simultaneously. The fact that a half bath does not take up much square footage in your home is one of its largest advantages. We can provide your home with a half bath when we take care of your bathroom remodeling nearby Evanston project. Our bathroom remodeling near Evanston contractors have been known to make room for half baths in the tiniest spots, like closets and unused corners and closets. If you would like to increase the value of your home, add a half bath into your floor plan.

Wet bathroom
A wet bath has to be completely waterproof, including the cabinets, walls, and floor.
Our bathroom remodeling nearby Evanston contractors’ prefer designing a wet room. This design may appear streamlined and modern, without any need for clumsy shower doors. Yet, the space is vastly practical, as it is still completely waterproof. Homeowners do not even need to think twice about the splashing of water on the floors or walls. It also utilizes universal design standards as water splashing on different areas is not an issue. You may hire our bathroom remodeling near me Evanston company and choose the wet bath that you want for your home.

Why Should You Renovate Your Bathroom?
ACA Bathroom Refinishing & Bathroom Remodeling Near Me Evanston Professionals

To update your current bathroom:
Perhaps you are sick and tired of your tired, old Evanston bathroom but do not feel that you are in a financial position for a total renovation. In this case you may update just some of your fixtures, like new cabinet doors or new countertops which can provide a completely trendy, unique feel without having to spend a fortune.
Some new tiles or even just a bit of fresh paint can make a large impact. Remodeling companies have a variety of ideas as far as the best ways in which one may update a bathroom for a reasonable price.

To improve the functionality:
In making some minor modifications to your bathroom, you may improve the functionality of the space itself. Do you have space for improving your storage or for the installation of side-by-side sinks?
Incorporate a sliding door shower as a bathtub enclosure instead of a traditional flimsy curtain or utilize specialty lighting instead of plain, standard lighting.

To adapt for an aging family member:
One major reason to remodel as one ages is accessibility in a bathroom. One practical and popular solution is the replacement of your existing tub with a walk-in tub and shower enclosure. Also, incorporating safety rails and raised seating in the shower and on the toilet can be an excellent idea. Floor decals or non-skid floors are another practical element that help to keep family members secure and safe.
Having something modern and new in your home is always a nice feeling to experience, and a bathroom remodel is one way in which to accomplish this without the need to spend a pile of money or make a big mess either. Reach out to our professional bathroom remodeling nearby Evanston team about the other manners one can easily brighten up and renovate your space.

To enhance energy-efficiency:
The improvement of your bathroom’s energy efficiency can save you a lot of money in the long term. More than a few popular ideas include the addition of a solar-powered water heater that may also be used for underfloor heating, the addition of smart ventilation, and the installation of energy-efficient LED lights.