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Thinking of increasing the value of your home through bathroom remodel near me Buffalo Grove project? American Contractors & Associates got you covered. In fact, we also offer finishing service.
Our company has been in the business for years and we know that renovation projects is a great way to increase the value of your home. Our versatile and experienced bathroom remodeling nearby Buffalo Grove contractors have specialized in bathroom remodeling near me Buffalo Grove. We make sure that all your needs are met and all your requirements achieved. Our contractors are competent enough to provide you with ideas and solutions for your remodeling project.
Quality materials are used and professional work ethics is something our company can provide our clients. Nothing but the best materials are used, we make sure of it. We can turn your space into a modern looking beauty or create an old-fashioned ambiance without sacrificing the quality of the fixtures. Also, we can make your basement into an ideal man cave or the perfect space for your exercise equipment. We can turn both your bathroom and basement into a thing of beauty that everyone will envy.
The only things left for you to do is to call us!

Experienced bathroom remodelers! Competent and reliable bathroom remodeling near me Buffalo Grove contractors!

Bathroom renovations, remodeling and refinishing are what American Contractors & Associates specializes in. Our bathroom remodeling nearby Buffalo Grove team is made up of competent, experienced and reliable contractors who are both friendly and professional. We make sure that all our clients are happy and satisfied with our service and work ethics.


Create a different bathroom by completely remodeling the whole room. Change it according to your preference. Make it feel like a spa or change it to look like a 5 star hotel bathroom. Let our team of bathroom remodeling near Buffalo Grove contractors know your ideas so we can recreate it for you.


Update your bathroom without starting from scratch with some renovations. You can get your bathroom looking fresh by regrouting or retiling. Let our team of contractors help you in any of your bathroom remodel near  Buffalo Grove projects.


Get your bathroom looking new with simple finishing touches like replacing fixtures.
Upgrade your bathrooms appeal without too much fuss with this service. Talk to our friendly and competent contractors about which parts of your bathroom can be refinished. You’ll be surprised on how small changes can bring your bathroom to life.



Welcome our basement remodeling Buffalo Grove team in your home and talk to them about how you want your perfect basement to look like. Basement remodeling Buffalo Grove service will not only add space to your home but will also add value to it.


If you already have an existing basement layout in place, talk to our contractors about upgrading it via basement finishing Buffalo Grove project. We guarantee that our basement remodeling Buffalo Grove team will deliver a satisfactory service. Your basement will be looking like a new space in no time.


Start talking to our contractors if you plan to change your basement’s layout. Turn it into a spare bedroom or maybe an entertainment area for you, your family and friends to enjoy during movie nights.


Give our contractors a call if you are planning home remodeling Buffalo Grove located. We’ll happily assist you and provide you with helpful inputs and ideas. No project is too big or too simple for our contractors. We can help you create a new home out of the current one you have.



Upgrade your kitchen into a modern looking one. Talk to our team of remodeling contractors Buffalo Grove located on how you want your kitchen to look like and what features you want in your kitchen. Our team will do their best to provide you with the best design for your new kitchen.

Tips Before Starting a Renovation Project – Bathroom Remodeling Near Buffalo Grove Contractors

Budget is usually the first thing that homeowners consider when doing bathroom remodeling near me Buffalo Grove located. Often, it is also their struggle as they try to keep the balance between the cost of the project and attaining their dream design. With that, it is essential to have a good understanding of the prices of materials and labor to have a more realistic expectation of the outcome.
This is why our bathroom remodeling near Buffalo Grove contractors are here to help you make sure that your budget is realistic to your designs.
Consider the things that you use more often because these are worth spending more on your bathroom remodel. If you are on a low budget remodeling, consider spending less on the decorative finishes because you can still change them later on. Though it is often thought that bathroom remodeling projects are easy to do, better trust the experts do it for you. Our bathroom remodeling nearby Buffalo Grove company will handle your bathroom remodel projects. From bathroom remodeling to small renovation, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing Perfect Bathroom Remodeling Near Me Buffalo Grove Contractors –  ACA Remodeling Company Buffalo Grove

Even if you have the smallest bathroom in your home, it can still make a big impression. With our bathroom remodeling nearby Buffalo Grove company, you can make sure that it can raise the value of your home. Our professional bathroom remodeling contractors will use the highest quality of materials, from classic to a high-tech shower system. We have a knack of turning your bathroom into a relaxing oasis.
Our bathroom remodel near Buffalo Grove company provides outstanding remodeling services for years. We can turn your space into something that you have always wanted. Our bathroom remodeling nearby Buffalo Grove team will work closely with the design and will meld the best ideas for the area.
With our team, you can rest assured that we will work with quality and clear communication with the clients and a unified relationship with our team. We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations in the work that we do, whether it’s a bathroom remodel near me Buffalo Grove project or a finishing. We will contact you with any updates that may happen during the projects. We are the ones that you can trust to deliver the bathroom that is unique to your preferences and budget. Call us today!

Bathroom Remodeling and Finishing that Provide High-Quality Workmanship for the Ultimate in Customer Satisfaction

Here at American Contractors & Associates, LLC (Remodeling), we deliver expert finishing and bathroom remodeling nearby Buffalo Grove residents recommend that focuses on all the details, even the smallest ones. By ensuring transparent communications with concise and comprehensive quotes, working within our established budget and time frames, and always keeping you informed of our progress, we develop confidence and trust with each customer. You can rest assured that our bathroom remodel near Buffalo Grove contractors will ensure you have an excellent experience. Throughout each project, we build upon our reputation for offering friendly service and being professional.

Eco-friendly Bathroom Remodeling Near Me Buffalo Grove Services & Bathroom Refinishing

These days, many people are interested in improving our planet for the sake of all our families. You can start to make a difference right at home when you take on your next bathroom remodel nearby Buffalo Grove project. When you choose bathroom remodeling near Buffalo Grove service, you have an excellent opportunity to go green.
Perhaps you are planning to move or open certain walls or change out your old fixtures. This is an excellent moment to think about environmentally friendly possibilities such as including a water-saving toilet and showerhead, replacing vinyl flooring with natural linoleum, or utilizing low or no-VOC paint. All of these options are fantastic starting points.
In your bathroom, one extremely important factor as far as making eco-friendly choices is water conservation. The low-flow toilets of today have improved significantly over older models. They reduce, and may even eliminate, the need for a double flush. Faucets that are aerator-equipped are also an excellent green option. Used together, these simple modifications may save thousands of gallons of water per year.

On average, artificial lights are the source of 40% of a home’s energy consumption. A windowless bathroom may increase this already high consumption. The installation of sun tunnels or skylights during your bathroom remodel nearby Buffalo Grove located may significantly reduce the need to turn on lights each time the bathroom gets used.
Installing a solar tube or skylight has a number of advantages. It may drastically reduce your utility bill while simultaneously creating a more user friendly environment for specific tasks, like makeup application or shaving. Additionally, some skylights can even be opened for extra airflow, which is an essential for lowering the humidity level in a bathroom.
The entire planet will be grateful for each primp, flush, or shower when you choose an eco-friendly bathroom remodel near Buffalo Grove service.

Our Bathroom Refinishing & Bathroom Remodeling & Expertise in Buffalo Grove Quality Bathroom Remodel Experience

As a leader among bathroom remodeling nearby Buffalo Grove residents rely on, we possess both the expertise and the experience necessary to take care of bathroom renovation and bathroom refinishing. From spa baths, guest baths, showers, and powder rooms to master bathrooms, you can rely on our bathroom remodeling near Buffalo Grove contractors to provide the best and most hassle-free design, materials, and installation process. We try our best to accomplish your maximum satisfaction through our work. Our remodeling team is licensed, bonded, and provides full service, in comparison to other bathroom remodeling nearby Buffalo Grove companies. Our knowledge and experience in bathroom remodeling allow our contractors to offer unique and creative ideas and suggestions. We are devoted to providing a precise proposal price for our clients based on your preference in design and materials. We will also keep you informed to guarantee your satisfaction with our top-quality products.

How to Choose The Right Bathroom Type?
Choose The Right Bathroom Type ACA Bathroom Refinishing & Bathroom Remodeling Near Me Buffalo Grove

Every home has different types of bathrooms that vary in size, layout, and shape. It is likely that you will not modify the type of bathroom you have when you undergo a bathroom remodel nearby Buffalo Grove project. But, it is wise to go over all of your possible options prior to making a decision. Our professional bathroom remodeling near Buffalo Grove contractors can assist you in envisioning any possibilities that you may have missed. For example, by borrowing some space from a walk-in closet or bedroom, a tiny, cramped half bath can be converted into a luxurious master suite.

Standard Bathroom
A full bath or standard bathroom should contain a toilet, sink, bath, shower, or both. Some older homes were designed with only one full bathroom that was meant to be shared by the entire family. A master bathroom is basically the same as far as features go but is generally accessed directly from the master bedroom. When undergoing a bathroom remodel near me Buffalo Grove project or adding on a master suite, many clients choose a vibe that is more sophisticated or spa-like. Consider a soaking tub, a separate steam shower, or skylights. Master suites that have been properly designed can make an excellent oasis after a long, hard day. Our bathroom renovation company is here to make certain that you receive the bathroom you deserve in a life where you work so hard. A master suite can be added to a home in the majority of circumstances if one is not already in existence. In doing so, our bathroom remodeling near me Buffalo Grove contractors can create more time available for family use in standard baths and reduce or eliminate long wait times for morning showers.

Half bath
A small space that contains only a toilet and a sink is referred to as a powder room or half bath. If you live in an older home in Buffalo Grove that has only one full bath, adding a half bath to your home can drastically improve your life. When you invite guests into your home for dinner, they will not have to invade your personal space as they can simply use the powder room. This also relieves a bit of pressure from your main bath when everyone is attempting to get ready in the morning at the same time. One of the best features of a half bath is that it does not take up much square footage in your home. We can create a half bath for your home when undergoing a bathroom remodeling near me Buffalo Grove project. Our bathroom remodeling near Buffalo Grove contractors are capable of squeezing half baths into the tightest spots, such as unused corners and closets. If you wish to boost the value of your home, add on a half bath.

Wet bathroom
A wet bath must be totally waterproof, including the walls, floor, and cabinets.
Our bathroom remodeling contractors’ favor the preparation of a wet room design. This design may appear modern and sleek, without the need for awkward shower doors. But, it is still completely waterproof, making it vastly practical. Homeowners do not need to think twice about water splashing on the walls or floors. It additionally offers universal design standards as no attention needs to be paid to water splashing everywhere. You can obtain the wet bath that you seek for your home by hiring our bathroom remodeling nearby Buffalo Grove company.

Why Renovate Your Bathroom?
Why You Should Renovate Your Bathroom ACA Bathroom
Remodeling & Bathroom Refinishing Professionals in Buffalo Grove

To update your current bathroom:
If you are tired of your same old Buffalo Grove bathroom but do not feel financially prepared for a complete renovation, you can always update only a few of the fixtures, such as new countertops and cabinet doors which can provide an entirely unique trendy feel without the extraordinary expense.
New tiles or even simply fresh paint can make a big difference. Remodeling companies have a number of ideas on the best ways in which to economically update your bathroom.

To enhance the functionality:
In making a few modifications within your bathroom, you may enhance the effectiveness of your existing space. Do you have room to improve your storage or for side-by-side sinks?
Include a sliding door shower to enclose your bathtub rather than a common plastic curtain and include special lighting rather than general lighting.

To accommodate an aging family member: 
Accessibility in a bathroom can be a major reason to remodel as one ages. Replacing your existing tub with a walk-in tub and shower enclosure is a practical and popular solution. Similarly, including raised seats and safety rails in the shower and on the toilet is a good idea. Non-skid floors or floor decals are another excellent idea for maintaining aging family members secure and safe.
It is always a great feeling to have something modern and new in your home, and a bathroom remodel near Buffalo Grove located is one manner in which to achieve this without spending a lot of money nor making a large mess. Inquire with our professional bathroom remodeling nearby Buffalo Grove team about the varied other manners in which you can brighten up and renew your space.

To improve the energy-efficiency:
Improving your bathroom’s energy efficiency will save you money in the long run. Several popular ideas include the addition of smart ventilation, the installation of energy-efficient LED lights, and the addition of a solar-powered water heater that may also be used for underfloor heating.