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If you are on the hunt for excellent bathroom remodeling near Streeterville companies, American Contractors & Associates is just what you seek. We will provide you with the best bathroom remodel Streeterville has to offer as we exclusively utilize the highest quality materials, have a strong work ethic, and are highly skilled.
Our bathroom remodeling near me Streeterville contractors are capable of planning even the most minute details of your bathroom and guide you through making the appropriate choices that suit both your lifestyle and your design tastes. Your bathroom remodel near me Streeterville will exceed your expectations.
Our qualified, experienced professionals at American Contractors & Associates are able to take care of much more than merely bathrooms. Our remodeling contractors know just how to obtain the most from your basement. No matter if you are seeking a new basement or you need refinishing, our crew is here to assist you. Professional refinishing service is the perfect manner in which to add quality living space to your existing home.
Reach out to American Contractors & Associates now and allow us to provide you with the highest quality of bathroom remodeling nearby Streeterville has available.

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American Contractors & Associates is the ideal option for all types of remodeling. Our bathroom remodeling near Streeterville contractors can assist you with your basement, kitchen, bathroom, or any other kind of renovations, thanks to our industry knowledge and experience that make us a leader among professional bathroom remodeling near me Streeterville companies.

Bathroom Remodeling

If you seek a totally new bathroom that has been redesigned down to the last detail, rely on our bathroom remodeling near Streeterville contractors to take care of each element of your project, providing exceptional results.

Bathroom Renovation

Perhaps you enjoy your bathroom but would like to update it a bit. We can deliver the ideal bathroom remodel near Streeterville that perfectly suits your style.

Bathroom Refinishing

Breathe new life into your bathroom space by including new elements through a bathroom refinishing project executed by our qualified bathroom contractors in Streeterville. Step into your incredibly new bathroom.


Basement Remodeling

Through a basement remodeling in Streeterville, allow our crew of skilled professionals to plan then build your ideal basement that suits your existing space as well as your lifestyle. This is equivalent to putting an addition on your home.

Basement Refinishing

We will transform your basement into an excellent living space that blends with the space above it. Our basement refinishing in Streeterville can provide you with a renewed space in very little time.

Basement Renovation

Make excellent use of your extra space while adding value to your home in a short amount of time through proper basement renovation from our incredible home remodeling contractors Streeterville residents trust.


Our Streeterville home remodeling contractors can renovate your home into that of your dreams with outstanding expertise as well as all of the perfect details. From complete renovations to minimal makeovers, we can handle anything.



Older homes tend to be desperate for a kitchen transformation and our home remodeling contractors Streeterville residents rely on can do this for you! No matter if you would like to update your style or just increase your kitchen space, our home remodeling does the trick.


Basement and Bathroom Remodeling Near Me Streeterville that Offers High-Quality Workmanship for the Best in Customer Satisfaction

At American Contractors & Associates, LLC (Remodeling), we offer professional bathroom remodeling that is certain to include each detail. We create confidence and trust with our customers through communicating openly and through providing comprehensive, transparent estimates, adhering to our established budget and time frames, and providing regular progress reports. With each project, we build our reputation for professionalism and punctuality, allowing you to rest assured our bathroom remodeling experts will ensure your experience is excellent.

Eco-friendly Bathroom Refinishing & Bathroom Remodeling Near Streeterville

The majority of people seek to improve our planet for the benefit of all our families. You can start to make a difference directly in your own home during your upcoming bathroom remodel near Streeterville. Bathroom remodeling can offer you an excellent opportunity for going green.
Perhaps you have plans to switch out older fixtures or even to move or open up walls. This provides the ideal moment for selecting environmentally friendly options such as the replacement of vinyl flooring with natural linoleum, the inclusion of a water-saving showerhead and toilet, in addition to the use of no or low-VOC paint. This provides an excellent first step towards green living.
In bathrooms, water conservation plays a significant role in eco-friendly decision making. Modern times have brought low-flow toilets that are far better than older models. They eliminate or, at least, reduce any need for a double flush. Faucets equipped with aerators are an excellent option as well. When used together, these basic changes can help to save thousands of gallons of water every single year.

Typically, 40% of energy consumption in a home is from artificial lighting. A windowless bathroom can greatly increase such consumption. The installation of sun tunnels or skylights during bathroom remodel near Streeterville may reduce the need to turn lights on each time one uses the bathroom.
The installation of a solar tube or skylight has multiple advantages. Any utility bill can be drastically reduced while at the same time creating a more util space for tasks like the application of makeup or shaving. Additionally, it is possible to open some skylights for added airflow, an essential bathroom element that assists in lowering humidity levels.
Eco-friendly bathroom remodeling near me Streeterville can provide a step towards improving the planet with each primp, flush, or shower.

Suggestions Prior to Remodeling Projects – From Basement to Bathroom Remodeling Near Me Streeterville Contractors

If you budget properly, bathroom remodeling near Streeterville can be a pretty simple task. Proper budgeting means matching your result expectations to your existing funds. Basically, it signifies that you can properly estimate and carry out your remodeling project results as well as its costs.
In Streeterville, our bathroom remodeling contractors will handle your budget to make sure it is realistic for your project. The efficiency of your budget can be increased through the identification of the most frequently used items. This will guarantee that more of your budget is allocated for items of immediate need. Furthermore, this will make certain that other less urgent items may be substituted for something a bit less expensive today, focusing on furniture replacement.

Installing elements such as bathroom vanities or stud walls may appear simple on home improvement shows, but they are not nearly as simple as they may seem. This is why it is a great idea to hire bathroom remodeling near Streeterville companies. Our bathroom remodeling  nearby Streeterville contractors are experts you may rely on for the type of skilled workmanship you require for your home.

Our Bathroom Refinishing & Bathroom Remodeling Near Me Streeterville
Valued Bathroom Remodel Experience

Our bathroom remodeling near Streeterville residents prefer includes both the expertise and the experience required to handle bathroom refinishing and bathroom renovation. From showers, guest baths, spa baths, and master baths to powder rooms, rely on our bathroom remodeling near Streeterville contractors to provide the best design, on-point selection, and expert installation process. We do our best to obtain your top satisfaction with our project results. In comparison with other remodeling companies, our bathroom remodeling is bonded, licensed, and provides complete service. Our bathroom remodeling nearby Streeterville contractors offer unique and creative ideas and tips based on our familiarity and experience with bathroom remodeling. We are devoted to delivering a comprehensive quote with competitive pricing, all based on your preferences in both design and materials. We are certain to keep you informed and satisfied with our quality products.

Selecting Ideal Bathroom Remodeling Streeterville Contractors – From Basement to Bathroom Remodel ACA Remodeling Company Streeterville

Although a bathroom tends to be the smallest space in your home, it can still cause a major impact. A remodeled bathroom will provide your home with a higher appraisal value. From high-tech shower systems to standard materials, our qualified bathroom remodeling near Streeterville team can provide creative storage options as well as alternative functionality that allows you to utilize your space as efficiently as possible and may provide the transformation of your bathroom into a tranquil sanctuary.
In addition to exceptional bathroom remodeling nearby Streeterville, we provide outstanding refinishing. Our innovative and value finishing methods will surprise you with the additional space they provide. Our remodeling experts will guide you through your design process, blending together the best options for your space, transforming your basement into an attractive home extension.
We guarantee transparent communications and quality results as well as a cohesive relationship with our trade partners and team through the creation of a space that exceeds your hopes. If at any moment you seek to improve your basement or update your bathroom, our remodeling contractors will prepare a plane for the creation of a personal space that reflects your individual budget, needs, and preferences through the delivery of qualified basement and bathroom remodeling nearby Streeterville.

How to Select The Appropriate Bathroom Type?
Why You Should Renovate Your Bathroom!

Select The Ideal Type Of Bathroom
ACA Bathroom Refinishing & Bathroom Remodeling Nearby Streeterville

All homes have and can handle various types of bathrooms as far as layouts, sizes, and shapes. However, when you have a bathroom remodel nearby Streeterville, there is a major possibility that you are unlikely to change your bathroom type. But it is wise to check out all of the possibilities prior to making your final decision. Our expert bathroom remodeling near Streeterville contractors will assist you in determining whether you may have neglected any options. For instance, an overcrowded half bath may be converted into part of a luxurious master suite by taking a bit of space from another bedroom or a walk-in closet.

Standard Bathroom
A full bath or standard bathroom should contain a shower, bath, toilet, sink, or even all of the above. Some older homes were designed with only one full bathroom for the whole family to share. A master bathroom contains similar basic elements but tends to be accessed exclusively through the master bedroom. You can take on a bathroom remodel near me Streeterville or include a master suite that has a spa-like, luxurious ambience. You can include a soaking tub, a separate steam shower, and even skylights. Master suites of appropriate design often make an excellent retreat at the end of a stressful afternoon. Our bathroom renovation company Streeterville residents trust will make certain that you obtain your ideal bathroom that can bring you peace after a long work day. Many cases include a master suite that can be added to a home that does not already include one. Our bathroom remodeling near Streeterville contractors can ensure that existing bathrooms are freed up for use by the family, eliminating longer lines during morning shower times.

Half bath
Half baths are also known as powder rooms and are smaller spaces that contain only a toilet and a sink. If your home is older, and contains just one full bath, you could easily improve your life through adding a half bath. During dinner parties, guests may utilize the powder room rather than having to go into your personal space. This helps greatly towards alleviating a bit of main bathroom pressure when everyone is getting ready in the morning. One of the biggest advantages of half baths is the possibility of installing them in a smaller footprint. Through bathroom remodeling near Streeterville, we can provide a half bath for your household. Our bathroom remodeling nearby Streeterville contractors can squeeze half baths into even the smallest spaces, like unused corners and closets. If you seek to increase the value of your home, the addition of a half bath is a great way to accomplish this.

Wet bathroom
A wet bath is a place that must be fully waterproofed, which includes the walls, cabinets, and the floors.
An approach favored by our bathroom remodel near Streeterville contractors is the creation of a wet room design. Such a room may appear completely modern and sleek especially when lacking shower doors or other cumbersome elements. But, this is no problem at all as the space has been completely waterproofed. Homeowners do not have to worry about any water that splashes onto walls or floors. The elimination of worries regarding water splashing around makes the design a more universal one. Our bathroom remodeling near Streeterville team allows you to attain the perfect wet bath for your home.

Why Should You Renovate Your Bathroom?
ACA Bathroom Refinishing & Bathroom Remodeling Professionals in Streeterville

Updating your existing bathroom:
When you grow tired of your old Streeterville bathroom but are not ready to spend money on a full renovation, you can update a few of the elements and fixtures, such as adding new countertops or cabinet doors, providing a complete trendy and unique vibe without having to spend a fortune.
Something as simple as new tiles or fresh paint can make a major difference. Remodeling companies have numerous  ideas as to the most economical manners in which to update your bathroom.

To increase functionality:

Through the modification of several elements in your bathroom, the functionality of your space may be improved. Do you have room for increased storage or side-by-side sinks?
The inclusion of a sliding door shower enclosure around your tub to replace your plastic curtain can help, as can the use of specific lighting rather than general lighting.

To enhance the utility:
By changing a few things around in your bathroom, you can improve the usefulness of the space you already have. Is there space for side-by-side sinks or a way to improve your storage?

Add a sliding door shower enclosure to your tub instead of a plastic curtain and add task lighting instead of general lighting.

To adapt space for an aging family member: 
With age, bathroom accessibility may become a major inspiration for remodeling. Although the replacement of your existing tub with a walk-in tub and shower enclosure is rather common, the addition of raised seats and safety rails in the shower and on the toilet should also be considered. Non-skid decals or floors are another excellent addition as far as the safety of any aging family members.

For energy-efficiency improvement:
Improving a bathroom’s energy efficiency will save you money overall. Several ideas for this include the installation of a solar-powered water heater, smart ventilation, and underfloor heating, or even the use of energy-efficient LED lights.
Change feels good, whether it is for something modern or simply different, and a bathroom remodel near Streeterville makes the possibility simple, without having to spend too much money nor deal with major renovation messes. Reach out to our expert bathroom remodel nearby Streeterville team to discover alternative ways to easily improve your home.

To improve the energy-efficiency:
Improving your energy efficiency in your bathroom will save you money. A couple of ideas are to install energy-efficient LED lights, add smart ventilation, and a solar-powered water heater that you can also use for underfloor heating.

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