How to make your bathroom user-friendly

Bathroom falls send thousands of patients to emergency rooms annually. Many of these accidents cause severe trauma. Those at high risk of falling are older residents and those who are less mobile. Some senior citizens move before they get too old as they are afraid of falling. If they altered their bathrooms, moving would not be necessary as early.
Two of the many means of making a bathroom less dangerous for users with reduced agility are installing uncomplicated bath attachments and building a walk-in shower or bath.

The recommended method of approaching a bathroom remodel is many-sided. It’s best to discuss your requirements with a bathroom renovation expert who will create a tailor-made solution.

Convenient items customers can add to their Wichita Falls bathroom: Grab Bars:
Installing grab bars increases your steadiness as you climb in or out of the bathtub or shower. Opting for ADA-certified grab bars and handrails ensures you get a sturdy product.

Shower or Bath Tub Seat

Building a seat in your current bathtub or shower makes your bathroom safer. A seat assists those who can’t remain upright for the time it takes to shower and helps those who struggle to comfortably position themselves in a regular bath.

Changes to your bath

To make your bathroom safer, invest in a tub-to-shower or shower-to-tub bathroom remodeling project. Our bathroom remodeling contractors can change a shower to a walk-in tub or rebuild your current bathtub into a walk-in shower. In both instances, our bathroom refinishing team can use your current shower or tub, so reconstructing the whole bathroom is unnecessary.

Roll-In Shower

Having a curbless/walk-in shower means that those using wheelchairs can enter the shower on their own and retain their independence. Our roll-in showers also have grab bars and an anti-skid floor.

Walk-In Bath

Your walk-in bath needn’t look like a hospital fixture. We can make it look inviting. A ground-level threshold, strong grab bars, faucets near your secure bath seat, comforting hydrotherapy streams, and other extras will give you peace of mind when bathing.

Don’t delay the decision until someone falls in your bathroom. To demonstrate your care for the elderly or mobility-challenged individuals in your home, call us! We will explain how we can assist. Alternatively, use our convenient online contact form and ask for a consultation with an accessibility specialist at no charge. We are the best among the bathroom remodeling companies in the city. We are also experts at basement remodeling and basement finishing work.