How To Avoid A Cramped Up Feel In A Small Bathroom

How To Avoid A Cramped Up Feel In A Small Bathroom

While a large bathroom easily gives a more persistent feeling of having much more space, as well as it offering necessary flexibility to perform decoration changes, the same cannot be said when it comes to a small bathroom…And in some cases, it can even be more complicated. Therefore, in order to carry out the respective bathroom renovation procedures without problems, our bathroom remodeling contractors recommend applying the following visual aspects tips to increase and consolidate the feelings of open spaces of  the bathroom:

Watch Your Use of Colors
When you are doing any paint job in the bathroom, it is recommended the use of one color in order to achieve a more spacious feel. However, you can also use a set of two colors as long as they have a perfect combination balance and don’t cause a heavily cluttered visual perspective in the room. Apart from that, you can use what little furniture hardware you have in the bathroom to create an additional sensation of contrast.

Fewer Design Transitions
When doing a bathroom remodel, it is important that fewer design transitions are made so that they have more cohesion than contrast and in that way, maintain the design’s continuity and an appearance of large spaces. Therefore, it is recommended that the walls and tiles’ shapes and patterns keep their transitions leading into one another as uniform as possible.

Use of Mirrors and Glasses
If you are looking to give a visual effect in which the bathroom seems to be spacy enough, you can install a single or a pair of mirrors in order to achieve this. You can even add more glass elements such as glass shower frames or paneled doors to achieve a greater effect in the bathroom’s lighting mood.

Work on the Lighting
One of the aspects where one can get creative during a bathroom refinishing is the lighting, since it can create a spacious and even luxurious atmosphere depending on where one places the lamps. However, bathroom remodeling companies recommend leaving space for natural light in order to maintain a sense of freshness.

Use Correlated Patterns
You can use correlated patterns to give an extensive visual sensation to the point of beautifying the bathroom, but as long as they have continuity through the multiple aspects of the aforementioned room and that they are not overused.

Skip the Shower Door and Try a Number of Options for Shower Boundaries
If you want to reduce the claustrophobic feeling when bathing and give the bathroom a little more lighting at the same time, you can use a clear glass door or a textured glass door if you feel that your privacy is equally as important. However, there is also the flexible option of using curtains, which helps save space and add color to the environment.

Pick a Vanity that Meets Your Needs
If you’re looking to add more space and style to your bathroom, you can add a single-door floating vanity in the sink area.

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